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San Bernardino Community College District

Web Standards Committee

Last modified at 10/4/2023 4:09 p.m.

Web Standards Committee



Responsible for establishing and documenting the Web Page Accessibility Standards for the district and colleges.  Also responsible for suggesting policy changes when it comes to social media as well as recommending website applications to manae websites or other related areas.


  • Develop strategic and long-range recommendations for the evolution and implementation of District, College, and Departmental web-sites and their components.
  • Develop standards and guidelines for web design consistent with District and College graphics standards and Section 508.
  • Define roles and responsibilities regarding web presence at all levels (District, College, Division, Department, and Faculty).
  • Proactively identify and recommend tools for ongoing web development, the use of emerging web-media, and the managing of web presence.
  • Provide input and direction in the development and measurement of qualitative and quantitative elements to be used in a district program review model.
  • Review and recommend policies.


  • Director, Administrative Applications (District) - Co-Chair
  • Co-Chair (Elected)
  • Director, Marketing (CHC, District, SBVC)
  • Disabled Student Programs and Services (CHC, SBVC)
  • Distance Ed (District)
  • Web-Developer (CHC, SBVC, KVCR, District)

Members:  Andy Chang (co-chair) and Jason Brady (co-chair), Paul Bradulin, Michelle Crocfer, Suzanne Delahanty, Sean Houlihan, Matthew Kim, Brandice Mello, Marty Milligan, and Kristi Simonson.

Meetings, Agendas, and Minutes