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San Bernardino Community College District

Web Standards Committee

Last modified at 5/22/2023 11:45 a.m.

Web Standards Committee


  • Develop strategic and long-range recommendations for the evolution and implementation of District, College, and Departmental web-sites and their components.
  • Develop standards and guidelines for web design consistent with District and College graphics standards and Section 508.
  • Define roles and responsibilities regarding web presence at all levels (District, College, Division, Department, and Faculty).
  • Proactively identify and recommend tools for ongoing web development, the use of emerging web-media, and the managing of web presence.
  • Provide input and direction in the development and measurement of qualitative and quantitative elements to be used in a district program review model.
  • Review and recommend policies.


  • Director, Administrative Applications (District) - Co-Chair
  • Co-Chair (Elected)
  • Director, Marketing (CHC, District, SBVC)
  • Disabled Student Programs and Services (CHC, SBVC)
  • Distance Ed (District)
  • Web-Developer (CHC, SBVC, KVCR, District)

Meetings, Agendas, and Minutes