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San Bernardino Community College District

Management Information Systems (MIS) Executive Committee

Last modified at 10/4/2023 4:08 p.m.

Management Information Systems (MIS) Executive Committee

The purpose of the Management Information Systems (MIS) Executive Committee is to:

  • Review and ensure that SBCCD meets local, state, and federal MIS regulations affecting community college operations.
  • Discuss and recommend efficient implementation strategies for new or modified MIS data reporting requirements.
  • Review MIS processes and submissions for efficiency, accuracy and completeness.
  • Provide an informative, collaborative environment for MIS discussions across institutional departments.


  • Chair
  • Accounting Manager (District)
  • Associate Vice-Chancellor (TESS)
  • Business Manager (District)
  • Data Analyst (District)
  • Dean, Counseling & Matriculation (CHC/SBVC)
  • Executive Director, Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness (District)
  • Dean, Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness (CHC/SBVC)
  • Dean, Student Services (CHC)
  • Director, Administrative Applications (District)
  • Director, Admissions & Records (CHC/SBVC)
  • Human Resources Analyst (District) 
  • Payroll Administrator (District)
  • Schedule/Catalog Data Specialist (CHC/SBVC)
  • Senior Student Services Technician, DSPS (SBVC)
  • Vice-President, Instruction (CHC/SBVC)
  • Vice-President, Student Services (CHC/SBVC)

Members:  Corrina Baber (co-chair) and Myuong Ho (co-chair), Nohemy Ornelas, Luke Bixler, Andy Chang, Dianna Jones, Steve Sutorus, Marco Cota, Ivan Pena, Joe Cabrales, Christopher Crew, Joanne Oxendine, Gio Sosa, Larry Aycock, April Dale, Karla Bonnet, E. Lopez, B. Lopez, L. Castaneda, Vanessa Ramirez, Joann Hinojosa, LaTesha Hagler, Veronica Lehman, Sam Trejo, Frances Southerland-Amsden, Michelle Crocfer, Treesa Sabato, Nati Rodriguez, Dina Humble, Keith Wortz, Scott Thayer, Delmy Spencer, Vanessa Thomas, Dan Word, Kay Dee Yarbrough, Samantha Homier, Ola Sabawi, Carmen Rodriguez, Ray Carlos, Ericka Paddock, LeCretia Smith, and Erika Sherman.

Meetings, Agendas, and Minutes