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San Bernardino Community College District

District Budget Advisory Committee

District Budget Advisory Committee

Meetings, Agendas & Minutes


The District Budget Committee is a body with the objective of sharing all budget information with identified constituencies. It is intended to provide a forum for budget discussion and input. It is also a committee where explanations of Board actions or decisions or recommendations under consideration can be discussed. The committee is neither a decision-making body nor is it intended to undermine or replace the budget allocation processes of the colleges.  The Committee's responsibilities include the review and recommendations regarding District-wide processes related to budget development which may have a major impact on site operations or allocations. Committee discussions or review may include the following during any budget year:

  1. Review and evaluation of current, projected or proposed Federal, State and local funding proposals affecting California Community Colleges and the related financial impact on the district.
  2. Review of District budgetary policies, administrative procedures, allocation model formulas and guidelines across the District. Protect the financial well being of the District. Determine that procedures are responsive to strategic priorities as determined by the campuses and District Office. Union issues which are conducted as a part of labor negotiations are not a part of this Committee’s responsibility.
  3. The review process will include both general fund unrestricted and restricted funding sources. The Committee will also review enrollment growth projections, and other workload measures.
  4. Review and make recommendations regarding District-wide budget assumptions (revenues, allocations, COLA and growth). Any District Budget Committee recommendations related to District-wide processes shall be advisory to the Chancellor.
  5. Promote budget awareness, communicate budget issues and may assist in budget and finance training activities District-wide.

All members are responsible for making regular reports to their respective organizations. The administrators responsible for Board Policy recommendations that come from the standing committees will forward recommendations to the District Assembly and appropriate constituent groups for review and the Chancellor will forward the final recommendations to the Board of Trustees. The minutes of this committee will be posted on the District Web.

Click here for agendas and minutes.