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San Bernardino Community College District

Administrative Applications Committee

Last modified at 3/31/2021 9:25 a.m.

Administrative Applications Committee

(As of 2012, this committee has been replaced by the DAWG: District Applications WorkGroup.)

For Administrative/enterprise applications:

  • Develop a recommended software strategy.
  • Develop a data security strategy.
  • Assure applications meet TESS approved standards.
  • Ensure a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model for all new acquisitions and updates.
  • Prioritize software projects to ensure that organization operational and strategic goals are met.
  • Define standards and policies to software systems acquisition, implementation, and management.
  • Assist with development and resolution of needs and schedules for user training, testing, and support resource allocations in support of ongoing projects.
  • Advocate for agreed software system changes, deletions, additions, and upgrades.
  • Monitor levels of satisfaction and assist in developing programs to address reductions in satisfaction.
  • Provide input and direction in the development and measurement of qualitative and quantitative elements to be used in a district program review model.
  • Review and recommend policies and procedures.
  • Propose/Re-Adjust project priorities (iterative process).
  • Review and recommend SLAs.


  • Chair (Elected)
  • Classified Staff - Student Services (CHC, District, SBVC)
  • Director, District Computing Services (District) - Co-Chair
  • Director, Research and Planning (CHC, SBVC)
  • Faculty (CHC, SBVC)
  • Director, Fiscal Services (District)
  • Director, Human Resources (District)
  • Instructional Manager (CHC, SBVC)
  • Student Services Manager (CHC, SBVC)
  • Students (CHC, SBVC)


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