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San Bernardino Community College District

Sexual Assault

Last modified at 3/10/2021 3:31 p.m.

San Bernardino Community College District Sexual Assult Policy

San Bernardino Community College District recognizes that sexual assault is a serious issue and will not tolerate actions of sexual assault on campus. The San Bernardino Community College District Police will investigate all allegations of sexual assault and take appropriate disciplinary, criminal, or legal action. Administrative personnel will assist the student in notifying authorities if the student requests assistance. As soon as possible, the survivor of a sexual assault should report the incident to their local police department, the San Bernardino Community College District Police, or any faculty or staff member. The San Bernardino Community College District Police guarantee:

We will meet with you privately, or you may be accompanied by a personal advocate.
We will provide a female officer to conduct the initial interview, if requested, and if one is available.
We will fully investigate your case, regardless of the gender, race ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, national origin, religion or disability of the parties involved.
We will not pre-judge you or your actions, as you are not responsible for the criminal actions of others.
We will treat you and your case with courtesy, sensitivity, and understanding.
We will assist you in arranging for your medical needs and/or hospital treatment.
We will provide you with advocate and counseling referral information.
We will not release your name to the public or to the press upon request.
We will discuss and explain the criminal justice process.  You will be kept informed as to the progress of the investigation.
We will be available to answer your questions as the investigation and prosecution unfolds.
We will assist you in the student conduct process and notify you of the outcome.
We will assist you if a change in classroom is needed.

Many survivors of sexual assault wish to remain anonymous.  You may report any sexual assault to Student Health Services (SBVC) or the Health and Wellness Center (CHC) for confidential counseling. You may also contact San Bernardino Sexual Assault Services for counseling and crisis intervention, at no cost. 

Important District Phone Numbers

 Department      Phone No. 
 Police Emergency  911
 Police Non-emergency  909.384.4491
 Student Health Services (SBVC)  909.384.4495
 Health & Wellness Center (CHC)  909.389.3272
 San Bernardino Sexual Assault Services 24 Hour Hotline  909.885.8884
 Human Resources  909.382.4040

Protect Yourself From Sexual Assult:

  • Let someone know where you are going, who you'll be with, and when you'll be home.
  • Meet in a public place.
  • Don't drink anything you did not get yourself, or see made.  
  • If you set your drink down and lose sight of it, do not drink from it. 
  • Keep cash with you in case you need to get a taxi home.
  • Trust your gut feeling.
  • Is your dating partner jealous or possessive?
  • Does your dating partner check with you often to see where you are, or who you're with?

For more information regarding safety, prevention, and survivor resources, see:


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