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San Bernardino Community College District

Success Stories

Last modified at 3/19/2021 8:50 a.m.

Success Stories

What Employee Trainees are saying:

“These classes have helped me personally in developing the skills needed to perform at a high level in my role. I am able to apply these learnings in both my professional and personal life.” -R. Carlton, Renovis Surgical Technologies

“(The trainer) is very knowledgeable and I enjoyed the group exercises. Every moment is interesting and entertaining.” -P. Monge, NFI Industries

“Since being a part of (the leadership training) my mind set and viewpoints have changed. After the very first class, the next day I had an associate approach me upset and frustrated. Knowing what I had just learned the day before, I knew to let her vent, be empathetic, knowing that we don’t all think the same. Normally I would have told her what she wanted to hear and turn her away. Now I listen to what they are saying, what they need. I am learning to communicate with my peers with understanding and empathy. I applied effective listening as well. An associate approached me upset when I came to the shift because I never communicated to her what my expectation of her was. She is now aware. I took a few hours aside to come up with some things she could expect from me as well. My managers have all noticed a change in my tactics.”  -C. Orantes, CTDI

What our Employer Clients are saying:

“SBCCD is a great resource that offers local businesses professional training in various fields of business.  Extremely professional and well-prepared instructors do a great job of engaging the class in a positive and comfortable learning environment. As business leaders, we have an obligation to provide our employees growth, SBCCD offers us is a great and affordable channel to help meet that objective.” -Joe Longoria, Plant Manager, Innocor Inc., San Bernardino, CA

“Partnering with SBCCD has enabled us to provide unprecedented opportunities for our members.  As a small family business, we struggle to provide professional, effective, and valuable internal learning opportunities for our members.  The diverse offerings of SBCCD have greatly enhanced our ability to assist in the development of our entire workforce.” -Angel Sanchez, Jr., Director of Global Operations, Phenix Technology, Inc., Riverside, CA

“Mapei would not have been able to provide a boom lift training to a large group of employees, had it not been that SBCCD provided the training at our facility. The leads and supervisors at our San Bernardino plant have become more effective at managing and communicating with employees and the increase in productivity is attributed to the training our management team has received.” -Jeannette Ayala, Regional Human Resources Manager, Mapei Corporation, San Bernardino, CA

"We have utilized technical training for our maintenance department and these classes have allowed our current employees to move up to the next level. The EDCT has also helped us brush up on soft skills needed. Not only is the content relevant to the workforce, but the trainers are the cream of the crop!"  -Sally B. Ruiz, Human Resource Manager, Gerard Daniel Worldwide, Fontana, CA