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San Bernardino Community College District

DE for Faculty

Last modified at 12/15/2023 10:53 a.m.

Faculty Assistance

The District Distance Education Team (a.k.a. Team Awesome) is here to support faculty with all distance education needs. From one-on-one appointments to training workshops, the DE Team offers an extensive array of help to strengthen your skills and knowledge about the distance educational tools available to you by the district and beyond.

This section of the website is a one-stop shop for most faculty needs: appointments, requests, assistance, guidance, and information about the Distance Education world. If you find something missing or would like to have something added to this website, please reach out to the District Distance Education Team: 

Roles & Permissions

Roles Use/Permissions/Limitations/Who Can Request
Teacher (Instructor in the Course)
  • Instructors who need full access to the course for instruction and are scheduled to teach the course.
  • All course-level permissions with the availability to add/remove/edit content.
  • Cannot add or remove users.
  • Request: Office of Instruction
Student (Participant in the Course)
  • Student participation in the course.
  • Access to view and interact with course content; participation in activities such as assignments, discussions, etc.
  • Can only email individually; cannot see SIS data; cannot moderate discussion; cannot post announcements.
  • Request: Office of Instruction; Instructor (depending); Organization Leader.
SI/Tutor (Supplemental Instruction)
  • To provide academic support, tutoring, and supplemental instruction.
  • View-only access to assignments and announcements. Access to email enrolled users in the course. Access to create/view/moderate discussions. Can preview quizzes/tests. Can export content, update settings, change the navigation pane, and enable/disable features.
  • No access to grades; cannot edit content.
  • Request: Instructor
Designer (Assistance from Others)
  • Users who need to view, access, and copy content.
  • Access to add/edit/remove/copy content.
  • No access to grades; cannot see users; cannot post announcements (moderate discussions)
  • Request: Instructor; Organization Leader
Observer (ALL Peer Evaluation Requests)
  • Users to view the course content and for peer evaluations
  • View only course access
  • No interactivity; no access to grades or people; cannot access course if it is concluded and the instructor checked the box restricting student view after the course concluded.
  • Request: Instructor of the course/Instructor of the course being evaluated
Organization Leader (Program Courses)
  • Users who need full access to the course and availability to add and remove users.
  • All course-level permissions availability to add/remove/edit content and users.
  • No limitations.
  • Request: Department Chair; Department Coordinator; Department Director
Organization Student (Assistant to Program)
  • Users who need full access to the course; usually to help assist the Organization Leader.
  • All course-level permissions; can add and remove users.
  • Cannot see SIS data or run analytics.
  • Request: Organization Leader
Privacy Restricted (Provide Information to Students without Revealing Identity)
  • For providing very restricted access to an individual
  • View only certain elements of the course
  • No interactivity; no access to people whatsoever including discussions. Can see discussions under assignments but cannot participate or see replies.
  • Request: For programs like SAS or EOPS; Instructor or Organization Leader
Administrative (Investigative)
  • For upper management to enter the course outside of evaluations
  • Availability to view all course content including grades and people; can publish/unpublish course.
  • Cannot add/edit/delete content; cannot copy or export content
  • Request: Presidents; Vice Presidents
Course Assistant (assistance in course)
  • For interpreters, MESA Assistants, Lab Technicians
  • View only course access
  • No interactivity; no access to grades
  • Requests: Instructor(s); Organization Leader(s)