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San Bernardino Community College District

SBCCD Brand Identity

Last modified at 9/20/2023 9:45 a.m.

SBCCD Brand Identity Standards

SBCCD Tote BagSBCCD Mouse PadSBCCD Booklet

As the San Bernardino Community College District nears its first 100 years serving Inland Southern California, we are embracing a new visual identity system that distinguishes SBCCD as the home of Crafton Hills College, San Bernardino Valley College, and Empire KVCR TV/FM.

Each element has been designed to project SBCCD with sophistication and clarity.

When followed correctly this identity system expresses a sense of organizational integrity and purpose, better positioning SBCCD as a community and educational leader in the region.



Primary SBCCD Seal

The primary identity for the San Bernardino Community College District is a clean and straightforward logo consisting of a wordmark and a symbol. The logo is made up of the historic San Bernardino arrowhead, encircled in a yellow band, with the name of the district to form a cohesive brand. The primary logo should not be used smaller than one inch. Download Primary Logo

Primary SBCCD Seal

Secondary SBCCD Identity

The secondary identity for the San Bernardino Community College District is used when the primary logo is too complex at a size smaller than one inch to be legible.

Download Horizontal LogoSBCCD Horizontal Logo

Download Stacked Logo

SBCCD Logo Secondary Stacked

Virtual Backgrounds

Professional, SBCCD-themed virtual backgrounds are available for download to use with Zoom and other video conferencing platforms. Click each image to download.

SBCCD Yellow Zoom Background SBCCD Zoom Background Opportunity

PowerPoint Template

Use this template to create professional presentations representing SBCCD, your department or your work. Widescreen (16x9). Download

SBCCD PowerPoint Template Download

Print & Digital Colors

Colors are an essential element for the San Bernardino Community College District identity. This palette provides a foundation for color consistency across diverse types of media.

SBCCD Brand Yellow

CMYK: 0c 31m 96y 0k
RGB: 252r 181g 32b
Hex: #FCB520

SBCCD Brand Brown


CMYK: 35c 48m 100y 14k
RGB: 156r 119g 44b
Hex: #9C772C

Pantone Colors
An acronym for Pantone Matching System®, this color system is also often referred to as “spot” colors. This color system is for print jobs when an exact color match of yellow is necessary.

CMYK Colors for Printing
CMYK (or “process”) refers to the 4 ink colors that are used to create every other color of the rainbow. Those colors are cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y) and black (K). This is the colors system used for print pieces, and both solid colors and photographs should be converted to CMYK color for printing.

RGB colors for Web
RGB (red, green, blue) refers to colors used on screen only (web, phone, video, etc.). Photos and solid colors should be in RGB when intended for on-screen viewing.

HEX Colors for Web
Hex refers to the hexadecimal number assigned to solid colors for use on the web. Hex formulas will appear as #xxxxxx.


Written communications are an essential tool in the San Bernardino Community College District identity. Consistent typography plays a significant role in achieving this goal.

Primary Typeface

As the typography on the logo is News Gothic BT Bold Condensed and News Gothic BT Roman, it is also used as the primary typeface throughout the branding program to create a consistent look and feel.

Secondary Typeface

In the event that News Gothic is not available Arial is a valid substitute for web, email, business letters, presentations and/or mailing labels.