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San Bernardino Community College District

Project List

Last modified at 9/28/2022 3:55 p.m.


As part of the 2017 comprehensive master planning process, a facilities master plan was developed which identifies new projects and major renovations based on institutional and program expansion needs. View our Master Plan here.

The below list is the result of a collaborative effort on the part of the campuses and the Facilities Planning & Construction department, along with input from industry professionals. It takes into consideration SBCCD’s mission and goals to serve more students and address major health/life/safety issues associated with existing facilities.

SBCCD Bond Construction Project List

Project Name Campus Total Project Budget Delivery Method
** CC01-3601 Technical Building Replacement (Career Pathway 1) SBVC $101.M DBB
CC01-3603 M&O Repurposing SBVC $1.5M DBB
** CC01-3605 Softball Field SBVC $6.2M DBB
CC01-3606 Student Services Building SBVC $104.7M D/B
CC01-3607 Administration & Campus Center Repurposing SBVC $8.8M D/B
** CC01-3608 Career Pathways Phase 2 SBVC $86.7M D/B
CC01-3609 Physical Sciences & Health and Life Science SBVC $4.4M DBB
CC01-3610 SBVC Campus-Wide Infrastructure (Approx. 20 sub-projects)  SBVC $42.9M DBB
** CC01-3610-01 Piping SBVC $74,988 DBB
** CC01-3610-02 Library Roof SBVC $1M DBB
** CC01-3610-03 Landscape (Arborist) SBVC $39,520 DBB
** CC01-3610-04 Planetarium HVAC Replacement SBVC $1.4M DBB
** CC01-3610-05 Warehouse M&O Building SBVC $36,882 DBB
CC01-3610-06 Physical Science & Health Life Science Building - Mechanical Improvements SBVC $3.1M DBB
** CC01-3610-07 Utility Upgrades (Earthquake Valves & Electrical Submeters) SBVC $910,000 DBB
CC01-3610-08 East Wing Mechanical Improvements SBVC $4.6M DBB
** CC01-3610-09 Old Central Plant Repurpose  SBVC $2.24M DBB
** CC01-3610-10 Campus Roof Replacement SBVC $1.9M DBB
CC01-3610-12 Security Upgrades SBVC $4.5M DBB
CC01-3610-14 Greek Theater Shade Structure SBVC $1.8M DBB
CC01-3610-15 Business Quad Development SBVC $3.5M DBB
** CC01-3610-16 Fiber Optic Termination & Testing  SBVC $1.1M DBB
** CC01-3610-17 Planetarium Flooring R&R SBVC $40,000 DBB
** CC01-3610-18 Gym Lobby Flooring R&R SBVC $840,108 DBB
CC01-3610-20 Perimeter Fencing SBVC $1.4M DBB
CC01-3610-21 KVCR Improvements SBVC $1M DBB
CC01-3610-22 East Wing Improvements Phase 2 SBVC $3M DBB
CC01-3610-24 Biology Garden Expansion SBVC $900,000 DBB
CC02-3621 Crafton Hall Renovation CHC $4.1M DBB
CC02-3624 Student Support Building Renovation (SSB) CHC $433,000 DBB
** CC02-3623 Gymnasium Demolition CHC $1.7M DBB
** CC02-3625 East Valley Public Training Center (EVPSTC) CHC $11.8M D/B
CC02-3631 Instructional Building CHC $54.3M D/B
** CC02-3633 Central Complex 2 Renovation (CC2) CHC $13.3M D/B
** CC02-3634 Child Development Center Renovation (CDC) CHC $3.8M DBB
** CC02-3635 New Performing Arts Center Building (PAC) CHC $54.5M DBB
CC02-3626 CHC Campus-Wide Infrastructure (Approx. 20 sub-projects) CHC $20M DBB & D/B
** CC02-3626-01 Exterior Lighting Improvements CHC $1M DBB
** CC02-3626-02 Campus Wide Irrigation Upgrades CHC $492,000 DBB
** CC02-3626-03 Campus Accessibility and Site Improvements CHC $1.6M DBB
** CC02-3626-04 Central Plane Controls Upgrades & Chillers CHC $736,000 DBB
** CC02-3626-05 Landscape (Arborist) CHC $37,000 DBB
CC02-3626-06 Replacement of Existing Cooling Towers CHC $1.3M DBB
CC02-3626-07 Wayfinding Signage CHC $68,000 DBB
CC02-3626-08 Campus Wide Security CHC $2.7M D/B
CC02-3626-10 New Metering CHC $1.2M DBB
CC02-3626-11 New Gas Submeters CHC $69,000 DBB
CC02-3626-12 Existing PMO Office Data/Cable Upgrades CHC $5,000 DBB
** CC02-3626-14 LRC Generator & Equipment Upgrades CHC $711,000 DBB
** CC02-3626-16 Building 17 Water Main Repair  CHC $17,000 DBB
CC02-3626-17 M&O Office Trailer Upgrades CHC $7,500 DBB
CC02-3626-18 Facilities Master Plan Addendum CHC $34,700 DBB
** CC02-3626-19 Solar PV CHC $8.1M D/B
CC02-3626-20 BL 10 Third Floor Corridor Door Upgrade CHC $122,000 DBB
CC02-3626-21 CCR Multi-Purpose Room Acoustical Improvements CHC $136,000 DBB

** Designates project has been completed or procurement has been completed

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